Steps Towards Adoption

1. We ask that you complete and submit the application to adopt so we may begin the process of accepting you as clients. At this time we ask that you provide the agency with the $350 (non-refundable) Application Fee which can either be mailed in with your application or paid over the phone. For your convenience you can print the Adoptive Parent Application Packet.

Documents to be included with your application:

Once we receive your application you will be notified. You must meet the eligibility requirements at time of application. A thorough background check will be done at this time.

2. You will receive “initial acceptance”, upon approval of your application. This means you are now ready to move forward in:

3. Once all of the following is received and approved you will be given full acceptance into the program as “Parents-in-Waiting”. We ask that you continue to work on gathering the rest of the required documents to submit to our office. At this time, your profile is active and will only be shown to birth parent(s) whose profiles meet your preferences. Open-minded preferences improve your probability of being chosen sooner. In addition, you are required to complete educational trainings to ensure the adoptive family is informed and prepared for their adoption journey and the demands of parenting. You are also required to take a CPR and first-aid class before placement can occur.

4. When selected by a Birth Parent, a Commitment Packet is mailed to you containing all the Birth Parent information, including all available information that Adoption Angels has gathered (Birth Parent Profiles, medical records, and photos of the Birth Parent(s) and siblings of the unborn child, if available). You will have five (5) days to review the Birth family information, ask questions, and talk with family before you make your decision. If you decide to commit to a Birth family, you will be asked to sign a “Commitment Letter” (found in the Commitment Packet) which secures financial support and interest in the case.

We will continue making contact with you throughout the adoption process to ensure we have all required documents in place. It is important to remember that all paperwork must be in our office before placement can occur. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at (210) 227-2229.

Adoption Angels reserves the right to decline applicants if they do not meet the agency’s eligibility requirements. The agency will notify you writing if your application is declined.

We truly appreciate your interest in our Adoption program