Photo Album Examples

The first thing you need to think about when it comes to creating your photo album is which method works best for you, traditional scrapbook or a photo book. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, it is important to choose the method that will guide you towards creating your best first impression.

Adoption Angels San AntonioHere are two examples of what we are looking for in your photo album. The first is a photo book created on Shutterfly, however there are many other sites you can use such as Snapfish, Mix book and Picaboo. These helpful sites let you design your custom photo album online and will create and send it to you, professionally bond and ready to go. The advantages with photo books are they are convenient, easy to make and personalized.

The second example is a traditional scrapbooked photo album. The advantage with the traditional method is that it is more personalized, because you have to cut out, paste, and write all of the information in the scrapbook yourself. The traditional method is definitely more tactile and hands on.

As we mentioned before, the time, care, and thoughtfulness that you invest in the preparation will be apparent to the Birth Parent. Thus, we can't stress enough how important this portion of your profile is to them. What you express in your Dear Birth Parent letter should be reflected in your photo album.

Example 1

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