Birth Parents FAQ’s

Will I be able to meet the adoptive parents in person?
Yes, if both you and the family you have chosen are open to meeting in person, this can be arranged through the agency. Most of our adoptive families are open to speaking with the birth parents over the phone or meeting them in person.

Can I make an adoption plan without the consent of the birth father?
If the birth father is not agreement with the adoption plan, the agency will try and contact him in order to talk with him in detail about the adoption process and the possibility of him signing his legal paperwork. If he is unwilling to sign, then the agency can have him served. If the birth father is unknown his rights can be terminated through the registry of paternity established in the bureau of vital statistics. Section 160.402.  of the Texas Family Code states that a man who desires to be notified of a proceeding for the adoption of or the termination of parental rights regarding a child that he may have fathered may register with the registry of paternity. If he does not register before the 31st day after the date of the birth of the child the parental rights of a man alleged to be the father of a child may be terminated without notice as provided by Section 161.002.  

Will I have contact with my child after the adoption?
You will receive pictures and letters if desired. For the first 6 months following placement, the adoptive parents will send 5 pictures and a letter every month. After the first six months, they will send 5 pictures and a letter twice a year. You can choose to receive these pictures for the first 5 years of the child’s life or the full 18 years.

When can I get matched with an adoptive family?
Generally, birth mothers are matched when they are 4-5 months along

Where are the adoptive families located?
We accept families from all over the U.S. as well as international families. All adoptive families are required to come to San Antonio for placement and finalization.

Do I have to live in San Antonio in order to place my child through this agency?
No, we work with birth mothers from all over Texas and can even work with out-of-state birth mothers if you are willing to relocate to Texas for the birth of your child.

If I am underage do I have to have my parent’s consent in order to pursue an adoption plan?
No, according to the Texas Family Code, “An affidavit for voluntary relinquishment of parental rights must be signed after the birth of the child, but not before 48 hours after the birth of the child, by the parent, whether or not a minor, whose parental rights are to be relinquished”.

Do I have to have contact with the adoptive parents?
If you are uncomfortable having contact with the adoptive parents, you do not have to. We encourage at least a phone conversation in order to help instill trust on both sides, but this is completely your decision.

Will the adoption plan cost me anything?
No, the agency will work to complete your adoption at no costs to you. We will also help you with your living, transportation, and medical expenses.

How will I afford my medical expenses?
If you are currently uninsured, we will recommend that you apply for Medicaid, which will cover all of your medical expenses.

Are the adoptive families “good people”?
We have implemented a detailed screening process for prospective adoptive parents to ensure that you have the best families to choose from. We guarantee that there is no history of child abuse or criminal activity on their record. Adoptive parents are required to undergo an extensive background check and to participate in parenting classes.

Who chooses the adoptive family?
You will have the opportunity to choose the adoptive family for your child by viewing detailed profiles and pictures of families that meet the criteria you have specified. If you are not comfortable selecting we can choose a family for you.

What will the adoptive family want to know about me?
The adoptive family would like to get to know you. Information about things like your interests and talents may be valuable to the child as he or she grows older while your medical background is necessary for health purposes. 

What will I know about the adoptive family?
Every family has a profile they put together for you, which you can keep. You will learn about their lives together, interests, careers, etc. You will get clear colored pictures. If you want to know more about the adoptive family your personal counselor will gladly answer any questions.

When can I relinquish my rights?
In the state of Texas you are not permitted to relinquish your rights to the child until 48 hours after he or she is born, no sooner. 

Will I be able to name my child?
You may name your child on the original birth certificate. If the name is something that is of particular importance to you, you can discuss this desire with your caseworker who can then broach the subject with the adoptive parents. Naming the child is ultimately their decision.

Can I have contact with the baby in the hospital?
Yes, you can decide whether you would like to have contact with the baby at the hospital. Some birth mothers choose to have the baby go straight to the nursery where the adoptive parents can visit him or her. This decision is generally made if a birth mother wants to avoid forming a bond with the baby during the 48 hours before she can sign.

Will I get help after placement?
Financial assistance continues for six weeks after placement. Counseling is a lifetime service available to you for as long as you need it. We can also provide you with referrals to obtain Medicaid, housing, daycare, education, job training, and other public aid. Please refer to Birth Parent Resources for this helpful information.