Families Brought Together Through Adoption

Adoption was always in our family plan.  We knew we would adopt “someday,” but after struggling with infertility for two years we felt that God was prompting us to adopt at that time rather than “someday.”  After doing much research on different types of adoptions and agencies, we found Adoption Angels. As soon as we walked into their office, we felt at peace knowing this agency was the answer to our prayers to start a family. All the staff were so kind, patient, and understanding of all our questions and concerns. 

They walked us through the process step by step and always offered us an encouraging word when we needed it.  They allowed us the freedom to make the difficult decision to say no to a case when we realized it was not going to be a good fit for all parties involved.  They respected our decision while maintaining a positive relationship with us and the birth parents. 

When we were matched with our birth parents, Adoption Angels helped facilitate that meeting so it was as comfortable as possible for us and them.  It was very important to us that the agency we chose would have the upmost care and respect for the birth parents and we feel that Adoption Angels exceeded all our expectations.  We developed a close and meaningful relationship with our birth mother that we will treasure forever.  I am so thankful for the connections we made with her before the baby was born.  Adoption Angels helped keep our communication with her open and honest.  Because of the good relationship we had with our birth mother, she allowed Briana to be in the delivery room when our son was born; she even got to cut his umbilical cord!    

We are forever grateful for Adoption Angels and the continued relationship with have with their staff.  We recommend them to everyone we meet who is planning on adopting an infant domestically.

I kept a blog during our entire adoption process, www.brianaburns.blogspot.com

Briana and Noel


When my adoption journey began (internationally in 2008) I thought I had a ‘plan’.  I was blessed to be chosen to be the mother of a 9 month old boy born thousands miles away and living in an orphanage.  Just a few months later, the ‘plan’ was changed.  The country stopped adoption and his birth family returned for him.  I was heartbroken but thankful at the same time.  After that adoption failed I was left wondering, ‘What now?’  It was then that I began to research domestic adoption and found the wonderful team that is Adoption Angels.  I matched with my daughter’s birthmother in March and although I am from another state, Rosalind, Colleen and the rest of the team walked me through every step from two states away.  The different requirements an additional paperwork was easy to complete and soon I was ready and just waiting.  I was kept informed at every step and encouraged when I felt overwhelmed with the process.  In May my daughter was born, perfect and beautiful.  We were introduced 15 hours later and it was love at first sight. That was the beginning of a beautiful and wonderful new phase of my life. In November we finalized and celebrated our first Family Day.  I will always be grateful and honored that I had the opportunity to work with these wonderful women. When it is time to add to our family, I will be, once again, looking to Adoption Angels for help. Thank you so much for the tremendous care and attention paid. It was truly a blessing during a confusing and suspenseful time.

Hugs from
Beth and Baby M


Adoption Angels, how fitting the name!  After years of infertility treatment and struggles, we realized God had a different plan for us in our desire to be parents.  Upon finding our way to Adoption Angels, our dreams began to come true.  The Adoption Angels staff counseled us that domestic adoption requires patience and trust.  We placed our trust and hearts with Adoption Angels, and as their name would suggest, our prayers were answered.  The amazing truth, as prayers are often answered in unanticipated fashion, our adoption story with Adoption Angels is no different.  Our first match fell through.  What seemed devastation at the time, turned into the greatest blessing of our lives: the perfect match resulting in the birth of our perfect baby boy 7 months from our very first visit with Adoption Angels.

Having just celebrated our son’s 1st Birthday, we felt compelled to request Adoption Angels to share our story in the hope that any couple who might be considering adoption would explore the possibility of allowing Adoption Angels to assist in making their dreams come true.  This was the case for us, and we are forever grateful!  We thank God every day for leading us to adoption, Adoption Angels, our beautiful birth mother and most precious son – the answer to our prayers!

If considering adoption and Adoption Angels, please know we intend to expand our family with Adoption Angels assistance again in the future.  I cannot think of a greater recommendation.  God bless!

Dusty & Casie  


We Recently adopted our second newborn baby through Adoption Angels (which is actually our third child-our oldest is our biological 12 year old daughter). We have been very pleased with our relationship with Adoption Angels. Through the entire process they have been empathetic, accessible, and responsive. They seem to really care about and focus on helping these babies find good homes, helping the birth moms feel comfortable that their baby will be taken care of , and helping the adoptive parents build their family. We have known Lore and her staff for almost four years now and consider them our friends.

Dwayne & Kathy


Going through the adoption was like learning about a whole new world, a world that allowed us to grow our family and finally become parents. From the moment we were placed with our beautiful children we have not been able to stop smiling at them. They are truly, truly a blessing. We love them so much, and we have seen how faith and hope produces miracles. We will forever be grateful to our birth mothers for their selfless decisions, their love for them, and the lifelong gifts they have brought in our lives. Adoption Angels lead us through our second Adoption.

We were always informed of what was next, what to expect and they guided us along the way. Adoption Angels helped us in every aspect of this journey. They believed in us and were there for us every step of the way. Today we have two beautiful, healthy, happy boys.

We thank you so much

Konstantin, Carmen, Tom & Nick


Through adoption we were blessed with the most precious gift of our daughter, Myra. Adoption Angels was loving, caring and dependable during our adoption process. We could not have asked for a better experience and have even recommended them to our friends whom also used Adoption Angels as their adoption agency. Myra completed our family in a way we could never have imagined - she is a precious angel. Without Adoption Angels this would not have been possible. I would definitely encourage anybody considering adoption to meet with Adoption Angels - we consider them a forever part of our family.

Cameron & Van


We never knew adopting could be so uncomplicated. Adoption Angels made the entire process trouble-free and smooth. We were so blessed to have found an agency that simulated a family; truly caring, enduring, sympathetic and compassionate.

Kim & Ted


When I think of all that we have gone through to try to have a family, it's hard to believe that Adoption Angels and the people within the agency made our decision to adopt so easy for us. Through our journey, and prior to working with you, we faced many challenges and were met with much disappointment.
During our meeting in October, you assured us that an adoption would be possible in the near future. You even went on to say that in your estimation we could have a child placed with us within a year. This was almost impossible for us to believe after our experience with fertility treatments and our International Adoption efforts...we were skeptical. Believing in you, we signed up with your agency and we had our new status of "Parents in Waiting" by November. To our surprise in February we got "The Call" we were chosen. And if that was not exhilarating enough, our hearts really started pumping when you told us our birthmother is due May.
We have never experience such joy. We know that being chosen is exciting and frightening. But as you prepared us, we know this is not a guarantee, she could change her mind. But in our hearts we are thinking we are one step closer to our dream, our added blessing. Even if something changes, we know that we have your support and are dream will come true.

We can't say enough to express how happy and grateful we are. Thank you to everyone at Adoption Angels for helping us with our dream of becoming a family.

Also, we want to acknowledge how helpful Colleen has been to us throughout our process. She has given us practical advice each step of the way. We appreciate her honesty and her support that she continues to give on a daily basis. Colleen is a great sounding board for us as we worked through this process.


James & Kimberly


First we must thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us grow our family. Through you we have adopted a precious, sweet and wonderful little girl, Andrea. She is the light of our every morning and the stars that burn at night. Andrea has brought so much joy, not just to us, but to our entire family. Grandparents, aunts, nieces, nephews, everyone wants to be with her. She is growing up to be such an inquisitive and smart child. We are so grateful to God for bringing you into our lives. Our entire experience with Adoption Angels was positive, pleasant and a whirl wind. We were blessed with a fast adoption. Our birthmother was well cared for by Adoption Angels and received all the right counseling and words of wisdom. She is a bright, beautiful woman whom we thank every day for the gift of Love she handed to us. Adoption Angels was supportive, patient, understanding and always there when we needed someone to talk to and calm our fears. We intend on using Adoption Angels again in the near future for our second child. The Adoption Angels staff has been so kind to us and we have an infinite amount of trust in them, we know they will find us our next "little" Angel. Thank you again to all of you!

With sincere thanks and affection,

Aimee, Jeff & Andrea