Other Available Services

Adoption Angels provides services to prospective adoptive parents working with attorneys, other adoption agencies, or private adoptions that need support and guidance during the adoption process. The process can be confusing or intimidating if the legal process or what is expected is unclear.
We want this adventure to be the most gratifying and memorable experience imaginable. We are in the business of forming families and we want you to be a part of our family. The services that Adoption Angels provides are for domestic adoptions. We will conduct the home study, prepare you for parenting, submit the documentations for Interstate Compact on Placement of a Child (ICPC), and file the documentation for finalization. We also provide facilitator services among all parties involved. We will view your dossier and tell you what other forms you will need to submit, and where and when to submit them. Services we provide:

These services can be provided according to your needs. If you are wondering if adoption is right for you, we will provide you with information about adoption and the financial responsibilities. We can offer financial assistance programs, attorney referrals, social worker or counseling referrals in your area and provide you with emotional support.

If you are unsure if domestic adoption is for you we can discuss those options. We will help you with your "Dear Birth Parent" letter, your family photo album, and your de-identified profile information. We can set up your own individualized parent training program for your specific needs.
Videos, reading resources, handouts, training, and available workshops can be provided to suit your needs. Training can be provided in your home or in our office.

The goal of Adoption Angels is to make adoption a wonderful and rewarding experience. Adoption is a lifetime commitment and we want to ensure that you are well prepared for this remarkable adventure.