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Congratulations! to our parents and their new little angels

It's a Boy

Keith, Anna & Baby River
Darryl, Heather & Baby Brady
Burt, Shandy & Baby Bryson
Bill, Wendy & Baby Walton
Matt, Kate & Baby Kyle
Lawrence, Veronica & Baby Samuel
Steven, Brandy & Baby Kash
Jose, Amy & Baby Emmanuel
Waylon, Carolyn & Baby Weston
Tony, Jennifer & Baby Benjamin
Michael, Nikol & Baby Grayson
Marco, Selene & Baby Jaxson
Ryan, Stephanie & Baby Troy
Les, Mary & Baby Charlie
Dainius, Sabitha & Baby Aditya
James, Janelle & Baby Jaden
Mike, Lane & Baby Wyatt
Brett, Angie & Baby Cade
Shawn, Michele & Baby Gabriel
Cam, Becca & Baby Rustin
Jayson, Jennifer & Baby Samuel
Chad, Megan & Baby Lucas
Hector, Cristina & Baby Charles
Gaston, Kate & Baby Nicolás
Gary, Tammy & Baby Ethan

It's a Girl

Jay, Katie & Ella
Tim, Amie & Baby Evelyn
Mark, Jaime & Baby Lila
Justin, Jill & Baby Abigail
Carlos, Angela & Baby Angela
Ed, Ann & Baby Clare
Ken, Danielle & Baby Finnley
Greg, Jennifer & Baby Audrey
Mark, Renee & Baby Madeline
Tyler, Jenny & Baby Everly
Marc, Julie & Baby Maria
John, Stephanie & Baby Gwendolyn
Sean, Jina & Baby Olivia

Special Offer! Newborn & Finalization Photography

As a fellow adoptive parent, this is my gift to you:  Special package for newborn portraits for adoptive families!  A full newborn session for only $75; photo CD is included. Mobile studio available so the photo session can be done in your home or at your hotel if you are out of state parents. There is also a special discount for family portraits at the time of your finalization.  Contact me for more details. www.brianaburnsphotography.com


Keep your eyes opened for Adoption Angels New Bus Signs