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Congratulations! to our parents and their new little angels

It's a Boy

Justin, Lisa & Baby James
Schuyler, Yulon & Baby Chancellor
Steven, Lindsay & Baby Ethan
Jason, Sherie & Baby Beckett
Matt, Naomi & Baby Nolan
Fernando, Stephanie & Baby Nico
Brian, Jill & Baby Grayson
Ryan, Stephanie & Baby Trevor
Jacob, Jolene & Baby Caleb
Brian, Velda & Baby Malachi
Steven, Jennifer & Baby Michael
Mike, Abby & Baby Elias
Gary, Neema & Baby Jeremiah
David, Jill & Baby Aiden
Jason, Lori & Baby William
Tom, Kara & Baby Andrew
Darryl, Heather & Baby Blake
Florian, Alma & Baby Alexander
Kyle, Genevieve & Baby Logan
Greg, Adrienne & Baby Henry
Todd, Cherri & Baby Witten

It's a Girl

Ryan, Kelly & Baby Ava
Philip, Amanda & Baby Mia
Aaron, Heather & Baby Hallie
Joseph, Sarah & Baby Liliana
Robert, Laura & Baby Josephine
Christopher, Kelli & Baby Abigail
Rudy, Debra & Baby Stella
Gary, Jennifer & Baby Gabrielle
Jordy, Emily & Baby Adda
Cory, Erin & Baby Lucy
Bret, Alisha & Baby Harper
Jose, Nancy & Baby Maya
Les, Mary & Baby Molly

Special Offer! Newborn & Finalization Photo Sessions

As a fellow adoptive parent, this is my gift to you:  50% off Newborn or Family portrait session!
Mobile studio available so the photo session can be done in your home or at your hotel if you are out of state parents. There is also specials for family portraits at the time of your finalization:
$ 100 Adoption Finalization session.
Contact me for more details. www.brianaburnsphotography.com


Keep your eyes opened for Adoption Angels Bus Signs