Choosing the Right Family

Choosing the right family can be a comforting part of the adoption process. We recognize that taking the first step toward an adoption plan can be intimidating due to the uncertainties but you may find that choosing a family puts you at ease with your decision. Finding a home for your unborn child can make your adoption plan “real” for you. It allows you to envision the life of your child with the family you have chosen. Your decision for adoption will be validated as your plan begins to take shape.

We offer semi-open de-identified adoptions. You will have the opportunity to choose the adoptive family for your child by viewing detailed profiles and pictures of families that meet the criteria you have specified to your caseworker. You will have the opportunity to meet and/or speak to the adoptive parents and as a result, instill trust on both sides, if mutually desired. After the child is placed with the adoptive parents you will receive pictures and letters so you will know how your child is progressing.

We have implemented a detailed screening process for prospective adoptive parents to ensure that you have the best families from which to choose. We guarantee that there is no history of child abuse or criminal activity on their record. Adoptive parents undergo an extensive background check and complete parenting training. We encourage our adoptive parents to be open-minded and willing to assist the child in seeking their birth parents when the child reaches eighteen years old. In addition to a minimum marriage requirement of three years, our adoptive parents must have a medical infertility issue. You make their dream of expanding their family come true.

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