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You Don’t have to be a Texas Family

We accept families from all over the U.S. (with the exception of New York due to the state’s license requirements). We accept international couples as long as they are U.S. citizens. Because all adoptive families are required to come to San Antonio for placement and finalization, we have established excellent business ties with a local hotel chain and are able to assist adoptive families in receiving discounted rates on their hotel accommodations during their stay.

Your Adoption is Safe

We understand that having the adoption disrupted is an adoptive family’s worst nightmare. For this reason, we use only the most qualified and reputable attorney and as a result, we have never had an adoption overturned. When selecting your adoption professionals, make sure they have the experience to provide you with the safest possible adoption.

Face-to-Face Weekly Contacts and Counseling for Birth Mothers

We pride ourselves on the counseling and support system we provide to our birth mothers. Each birth mother is assigned to a caseworker who works with her on her individualized adoption plan throughout her pregnancy. The caseworker meets with the birth mother weekly, despite the fact that by Texas Adoption Standards they are only required to meet two times in the course of the pregnancy. A member of the agency staff is available to our birth parents twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our commitment has helped increase the number of successful placements in order to limit emotional and financial disappointments.

No Hidden Fees

Some agencies will try to say their agency fee is higher because they provide extra services.  We do not increase our fees to provide services that we believe should be included simply by becoming our client.  All fees are discussed up front so there will be no surprises. Once chosen by a birth mother, you will receive her estimate of expenses and will have the final decision as to whether to proceed with that case. Please view our fee policy (pg. 25-27 in the Adoptive Parent Application Packet).

Contact Throughout

Our Adoptive families receive ongoing contact throughout the entire adoption process. This includes any updates, feedback, and progress. One of the hardest parts of the adoption process is the waiting period. While we pride ourselves on bring families together in a timely manner, we know that during this waiting period it is important for our clients to know that our door is always opened. This communication continues once matched with a birth mother as well. During which you will be in close contact with her case worker who will inform you of all appointments, prenatal care that your birth mother is receiving, any new developments in the case and facilitation of involvement with the birth family.

Information is Key

Once you are selected by your Birth Parent(s), a commitment packet is sent to you so you can decide whether or not to accept the case of the child. We understand how important it is for you to have as much information in ordered for you to make the most informed decision. We work hard to get you the most information about the Birth Parent(s) including any exposer to teratogens, current medical information, and genetic and medical history, including possible genetic diseases, mental health and disorders of birth parents, maternal and paternal grandparents, other children born to either of the Birth Parents, and extended family members.

Marketing and Advertising

A great deal of time and funding goes toward our agencies marketing and advertising. Our agency employs a full-time, highly-qualified marketing specialist to ensure the optimum effectiveness of marketing strategies. Our goal is to reach as many birth mothers as possible and we are constantly developing innovative outreach programs for this purpose. These programs are developed as a result of extensive market research.

Professional and Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff with over thirty years of combined experience in the field of adoption is committed to our clients. We work hard to provide the best support and knowledge to help you through this journey.
To become a part of the Adoption Angels family click Ready to Begin. To hear testimonials from our happy families, whom we have helped complete successful adoptions, please contact us at (210)227-2229.