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Todd & Cherril

Loan Officer at family
owned business

Legal Secretary

Masters Degree
Associates Degree


A Few of Our Favorite Things

Family Activity
Watching the Dallas Cowboys
Sunday dinners

Fixing things like small engines
Working in my flower gardens & photography

Return of the Jedi
Pretty Woman

Quality in each other
Her kind heart & caring nature
His gentle heart, positive attitude, & ability to make me smile

Place to Vacation
The Rocky Mountains
The Beach


Dear Expectant Parent(s)

We are Todd and Cherril, and we are very grateful that you have chosen to bless a family with your child through adoption. We cannot possibly know the emotions that you are feeling as you make this difficult decision, but we want you to know that our prayers are with you. Like all parents, you want what is best for the child and by getting to know us in this short amount of time we are hopeful that you will choose us to be the parents of your precious child.

We have been married for 2 years, and our strong commitment to each other has greatly enriched our lives. From the beginning of our relationship we wanted children to share our experiences and love with. Unfortunately, after trying to have our own child for over a year and numerous consultations with doctors and specialists we were informed that we would be unable to conceive a child. We both readily agreed that adoption would be an excellent way for us to have a family. In addition, our extended family is very supportive of our choice and will lovingly embrace a new little one to our family.

We are a mature couple that will offer the child a wonderful life in many ways. First, since we live on the ranch that Todd grew up on, we have no plans to ever move. This would offer the child stability, in that they would not have to relocate to another town or school where they would have to make new friends. Second, we are financially stable, which will allow us to meet the needs and wants of the child. In addition, growing up in the country will give the child the opportunity to explore nature and wildlife. Also, we will raise the child in a religious home, where they will learn the value of being an honest, truthful and dependable individual.

By choosing us, we will provide a stable structured family that will help the child reach its fullest potential. We are prepared to make the choices and decisions necessary to allow this child to develop into a well-rounded individual. We will encourage the child to reach their fullest potential physically, mentally and emotionally. We appreciate your consideration in this very difficult decision you are making.

With Love and Respect,

Todd & Cherril