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Niles & Rita

Mechanical Engineer
High School Science Teacher

Bachelors Degree
Bachelors Degree

Felix (3)

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Family Activity
Walks in our neighborhood
Going to the beach

Yard work
Crafts & decorating our home


Shawshank Redemption
Love Actually

Quality in each other
Her empathy & thoughtfulness
His goofiness & compassion


Dear Expectant Parent(s)

Thank you for taking the time to look through our profile and learn a little about us. We recognize that this is the most difficult decision you will probably ever have to make in your life, but it is a choice that both we and your child will be forever grateful that you made. We sincerely hope that making this decision will bring peace and comfort to you whether you choose us to parent your child or another loving family.

We have been married for almost ten years and prior to our marriage, we dated for four and a half years. Within the first two months of dating, we began talking about 'someday' when we were going to get married and raise a family of our own. For years, we often talked and fantasized about our life together when we were independent adults and could do whatever we chose. These ideas and conversations always included children and how we planned to raise our kids. We even discussed adoption and how we both agreed that adoption makes so much sense. Children need homes and families, people want children - it was so obvious and practical to us. So we decided that we would have both biological children and adoptive children someday.

Once we were married a while, got settled into our careers and became financially comfortable, we decided to begin growing a family. We figured we could just do things 'the old-fashioned way' and have no problems. We were in for a surprise. We ended up having to undergo fertility treatments and that did not turn out to be as easy as it sounded. We began to think about what was most important to us and decided that it was parenting, not necessarily having biological children. Ever since we decided to go the adoption route of becoming parents, we have been excited, hopeful and optimistic.

A little over three years ago were so incredibly lucky to have been chosen by our son's birth parents to take home our beautiful son. We were fortunate enough to be able to meet Felix's birth parents in person before he was born. Taking him home from the hospital was a very emotional day for everyone and it changed our lives forever.  We have also been blessed with being able to easily keep in touch with his birth mother all this time. Although it is emotionally difficult at times, we enjoy hearing how she is doing as well as sending updates and pictures of our wonderful son. We all get a little peace of mind knowing how each other is doing.

Whenever we get tired from a long night with a sick baby or our patience is sometimes tested, we actually take a moment to remember how incredibly lucky we are to be the family that we are today. We simply treasure our son.

Now we know that we are ready to share our hearts with another child, and we would love to add to our little family. We look forward to waking for 2am feeding and diaper changes again. We cannot wait to add to all the laughing, crying and 'why' questions that only a child can bring to your day. Imagining our children playing together brings us so much hope and excitement. We look forward to showing our children how things work and the importance of an education. We want to instill in our children the values that our parents gave us in order for our children to be independent and well balanced people.

When we bring our child home, we will be alternating staying at home until we decide it is in the best for our child to be cared for by the daycare down the street from us. Niles and Felix have enjoyed two years of walking together to daycare and then home later in the day and we look forward to sharing that time with our second child as well. We are both very thankful to be in a position where our children, rather than obligations, can be our priority.

Both of our families have been so incredibly enthusiastic and supportive in helping us care for Felix and are excited about our plans to adopt again. As the first and only grandchild for both sides of our family, Felix has been given so much love and attention from everyone. We have no doubt that in welcoming another child into the family, he or she will be given so much love (and spoiling!) as well.

We are so excited and eager to expand our family and we sincerely hope to get the opportunity to meet you!

Best Wishes,

Niles & Rita