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David & Kristen

Law Enforcement
Clinical Social Worker

Masters Degree
Masters Degree


A Few of Our Favorite Things

Family Activity
Spending the day at the splashpad
Traveling to see family and friends

Basketball & Going out to eat
Reading & Travel

Taco & Pizza
Ice cream & Gyros


TV show


Hello & Thank You

We are David and Kristen and we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our letter and learn more about our family. We know your journey will be filled with many feelings that we cannot begin to understand and we want you to know that we admire your strength and courage. We hope this book helps you to learn more about the love, laughter, and fun that fills our home!

We truly believe that adoption is the way we were meant to grow our family. In 2015, we were lucky to become parents to a wonderful son through adoption! We have an open adoption with his birthparents filled with more pictures than our phones can hold, tons of texts, yearly visits to the beach and a lot of laughs! We have always believed that his part in our family is truly a gift. And not only has this little guy changed our life, but his entire birth family has as well! We truly believe he is one lucky boy to have some many people watching him, loving him and most importantly routing for him as he grows! This has been such a magical experience we are ready to expand our family again through adoption!

As for us, we are a family that loves to travel, eat and laugh! We believe in the importance of family time, reading, playing outside and new experiences. We promise to offer love, consistency and opportunities! We also promise to make sure our child always knows his or her adoption story and that love was behind how we became a family. We will do our very best to ensure that our child has TWO families that will be very proud of the person they become.

We thank you again for taking the time to learn about our family. We hope to soon learn more about you!


David & Kristen