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Darryl & Heather

Owner- Insurance &
Financial Services

Manager- Telecommunications

Bachelor's Degree
Business college

Summer (15) & Brady (1)

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Golf, cooking & yard work
Crafts, reading & baking


TV Show
The Following
Downton Abbey

Place to Vacation
New places, new adventures

Quality in each other
Her sense of humor &
kind heart

His sense of humor &
strong work ethic


Dear Birth Parent(s)

We write this letter to you from our hearts. Without meeting you yet, your bravery and courage regarding your decision is tremendous and speaks volume of the love you have for this child. Unconditional love for your child is what you have by choosing an adoption plan. Words cannot express how grateful we are that you are reading our letter; the most important letter we have ever had to write.

We are Darryl and Heather. We have been married for 6 years and we live in Wisconsin. We are not strangers to adoption, as our daughter Summer and son Brady were also adopted. We tried to have children of our own and after surgery, fertility treatments and even the loss of our twin boys at 21 weeks we decided it was a sign that we are meant to adopt.

Adopting a child is everything to us. After the heartbreak of losing our boys, we knew that we wanted nothing more but to have more children. It is important for us to share our love as parents and that is why we decided to adopt another child. We also want our children to have the love of another brother or sister.

Our home is safe, loving and ready for our family to grow. Education and faith are important values. We are also surrounded by supportive family and friends who share our love of children. We teach and practice respect, hard work, honesty, care and laughter in our home. We will want to give this child every opportunity to enjoy life.

Thank you for considering our family in your adoption journey. If we are chosen to be blessed as parents to your child we look forward to learning more about you because it will be important for us to share with them their adoption story. We pray that you find strength and peace in the decisions you have to make throughout your adoption journey.

With Respect and Love,

Darryl & Heather


Hi, my name is Summer and my brother’s name is Brady and we were both adopted. When I was just a couple months old I was taken in by my mom, Heather. Ever since I was about 5, I have known about my birth mom and why I am where I am today. My parents are very open about my past. My feelings about that have always been the same. My whole life I just knew I was happy with where I was and who I was with.

My mom and dad are very good parents and they will teach your child to follow the rules, listen and be respectful. My parents will make sure that your child is safe and will help them grow to be successful and not fail. My mom is really fun but at the same time she gets her stuff done and always makes sure I’m trying my best. She’s a really funny and outgoing person and because she has experienced so many things in life she gives the great advice. My dad is more of a smart guy that I can bring all my homework to. When it comes to basketball, my favorite sport, he always has tips to help me. Every summer since I got my basketball hoop we have played basketball together.

I know that my birth parents could not give me the best life and that is why they let my mom adopt me. I love them for making a hard decision about what was best for me. Last year, my parents adopted my brother Brady. It has been so much fun having a brother. I have always been an only child and finally have someone to share my parents with. You should pick my parents because they will love your child as much as they love my brother and me. I can’t wait for our family to grow!